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DJ D-Tale @ 808 Club Berlin




From standing behind the decks at nightclubs underage, to playinginternational tours and hosting a major radio show. The DJ life went by like a rollercoaster ride. Peaking early in his career, D-Tale seemed to have accomplished almost all major achievements as a DJ.


Therefore, he took a step back from playing records, moved to Amsterdam and later Los Angeles to enter the music industry. Already equipped with a vast network through his co-founded agency, he helped the international growth of the record pool DJcity. While focusing on offering opportunities for others, rather than trying to push his own ego to the forefront, he found his spirit again. Back in Berlin he started to work at Universal Music and closed the bridge between the music labels and the dj community. 


Today, D-Tale has entered the next chapter of his personal career as a full-time producer bridging electronic music with hip hop infiltrated beats, ready to share his talent touring global venues and festivals.

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Dieser Kanal kommt bald!

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